Michelle Pang


Certified National Guild of Hypnotist USA


Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist


My journey as a hypnotist


相信每個人都會有過前世經歷, 簡單地說, 第一次認識的朋友, 總覺得似曾相識但又肯定從未見過, 又例如第一次去的地方感覺熟悉, 總覺得曾經到過, 其實這已經是一種初步的前世體驗.

I believe that everyone will have a past life experience. Simply say that the friend I met for the first time always feels familiar but we have never met before. For example, the first time I went to the place, I feel familiar and feel that I have been there before. This is already a preliminary past life experience.


1997年是我第一次去北京旅遊,  一如一般旅行團, 導遊帶領團友到訪不同的歷史遺蹟, 例如十三陵, 北京大殿 頤和園...... 當旅行團抵達頤和園, 一團旅遊人士各自在宮殿內參觀, 而我穿梭在頤和園庭院之間, 突然有種毛,骨悚然的感覺, 就像重臨此地, 但我卻肯定這生人第一次到北京旅遊 在庭院之間見到一口井, 又突然出現一種恐懼的感覺, 這是我第一次有前世體驗. 事隔多年, 一直尋找查看其他在網上前世輪迴的事件, 對這方面感到十分好奇和感興趣, 直到2015年我遇到我的催眠治導師, 經過她給我做了幾次前世催眠治療, 尋找到我一生所遇到的困難阻礙的根源, 自此我的人生變得不一樣, 我決定跟隨催眠治導師用了兩年時間學習成為NGH 催眠治療師以及前世催眠師.

In 1997 I made my first trip to Beijing with a tourist group. I visited many different historical sites including the Ming Tombs in the Beijing Grand Palace…… When I shuttled between the courtyards of the Summer Palace, a creepy feeling came upon me. It was like returning to an old place, but I was sure that this was my first time in Beijing. When I saw the well where the imperial concubine was executed to death, I could feel the shivering feeling of fear on my spine. When I came back from China, my curiosity in knowing about our past life urged me to start searching online for similar cases of other people. It was until 2015, I met my hypnotist, who gave me several past life hypnosis sessions to help me dig out the roots of the difficulties I have encountered in my life. Therefore, I decided to take the Hypnotherapist course in the next two years to learn about hypnosis; and finally I succeeded to become a Certified National Guild of Hypnotist and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist.



What is hypnosis?


催眠是一種特別精神狀態, 當我們被某些連續, 反覆的刺激, 尤其是語言的引導, 使我們從平常的意識狀態轉移到另一種意識狀態, 而在這種狀態下, 會比平常更容易接受暗示. 我們把這個過程稱之為催眠.

Hypnosis is a special state of mind. When we are guided by certain continuous and repeated stimuli, especially language, we move from the normal state of consciousness to another state of consciousness, in which it is more acceptable than usual. We call this process “hypnosis”.



● FIVE correct hypnotic concepts


第一, 進入催眠狀態, 並不是睡著, 除非進入很深的催眠, 不然, 你的意識仍然很清醒. 也許有些人會擔心在催眠中被居心叵測的人控制, 所以, 如果你想體驗催眠, 最好能找人品高尚的催眠師來幫你催眠. 在催眠過程中只要你願意, 你可以隨時睜開眼睛, 就能回到正常狀況. 不過, 因為催眠是一種很舒服的狀況, 所以, 你不會想早一點離開催眠狀況.

First, entering hypnosis is not really asleep, unless you enter deep hypnosis, otherwise, your consciousness is still very clear. Some people may worry about being controlled by people who are guilty of hypnosis. Therefore, if you want to experience hypnosis, it is best to find a professional hypnotist to help. When you are hypnotized, as long as you are willing during hypnosis, you can open your eyes at any time and you can return to normal. However, because the process of hypnosis is such a comfortable and cozy feeling, most people do not want to get out or to end the process earlier.


第二, 催眠效果主要是由語言的引導, 暗示來達成的, 與超能力, 氣功, 魔術, 法力可以毫不相干, 催眠沒有宗教背景也沒有什麼神秘色彩, 任何人都能夠學會.

Second, the hypnotic effect is mainly achieved by language guidance and suggestion. It has nothing to do with superpower, qigong, magic, and mana. Hypnosis has no religious background and no mystery. 


第三, 在一般意識狀態下, 人們很難進入潛意識的世界, 但是, 在催眠狀態下, 一旦處於α腦波狀態, 人們的注意力非常集中, 很容易接受引導而打開潛意識的記憶庫, 或給潛意識輸入積極, 正面的信念.

Third, in the state of general consciousness, it is difficult for people to enter the subconscious world. However, in the state of hypnosis, once in the state of alpha brain wave, people’s attention is very concentrated, and it is easy to accept guidance and open the memory of the subconscious mind, or into positive and positive beliefs into the subconscious.


第四, 不必擔心在催眠中會醒不過來, 也許有些人會因為在催眠狀態下很放鬆, 很舒服, 所以不想太早脫離, 這時候, 不妨好好睡上一覺, 睡飽了, 自然就會醒來. 在我的經驗中, 凡是在催眠中睡著的人, 事後都說他們睡得好甜, 醒來以後充滿活力. 催眠對於幫助安眠, 效果很好.

Fourth, don't worry about waking up in hypnosis. Maybe some people will relax because they are very hypnotized, so they don't want to get out too early. At a time, you may want to sleep well naturally and then wake up. In my experience, anyone who sleeps in hypnosis says that they sleep sweetly afterward and wake up to be full of energy. Hypnosis works well to help you fall into a deep sleep.



第五, 我們的潛意識具有驚人的能力, 它儲藏人類所有的智慧, 它控制我們身體所有的自動運作, 催眠可以幫助我們清除潛意識裏的負面想法, 讓潛意識發揮最好的功效. 一個善用潛意識的力量的人, 將會快速獲得各種領域的顛峰成就. 如果大家都能對催眠有更多的了解, 我相信催眠會幫助我們擁有更美好更快樂的人生.

Fifth, our subconscious has amazing power. It stores all the wisdom of human beings. It controls all the automatic operation of our body. Hypnosis can help us clear the negative thoughts in the subconscious and let the subconscious play the best effect. A person who makes good use of the power of the subconscious will quickly gain top-notch achievements in various fields. If everyone can learn more about hypnosis, I believe that hypnosis will help us have a better and happier life.




Age regression


年齡回溯又稱為催眠中的退行作用, 就是在深度催眠狀態下被催眠者的記憶可以退行到過去的某一個生活階段, 一般而言 在進行年齡回溯會有三種情況:

Age retrospective, also known as the retrogressive effect of hypnosis, means that the hypnotized memory in deep hypnosis can be regressed to a certain stage of life in the past. Generally, there are three situations in which age retrospection occurs:


一, 過去的記憶再現 - 被催眠者就好像看電影一樣, 以旁觀者的角度去看過去曾經發生在自己身上的事情.

1. The reappearance of the past - The hypnotist is like watching a movie, looking at things that have happened to him in the perspective of a bystander.


二, 被催眠者會融入到過去的記憶之中 - 就好似曾經發生過的事又再重新發生在自己身上一樣, 在這個狀態中. 被催眠者可以發洩當時抑壓的不良情緒. 從而達到一種治療效果.

2. The hypnotized person will be integrated into the memory of the past - just as if something happened once again happened to him again. In this state, the hypnotized person can vent the bad emotions that were suppressed at that time. treatment effect.


三, 被催眠者完全融入當時的情境之中 - 被催眠者的語言, 思想行為及觀念都會退化到他所回憶那段年齡階段.

3. The hypnotist is fully integrated into the situation at the time - the hypnotized language, thoughts, and ideas are degraded to the age stage he recalls.


年齡回溯的催眠治療法可以使我們的記憶回到從前, 令我們非常清晰地回憶過去被遺忘的那些往事.

Age Backtracking hypnotic therapy can bring our memories back to the past and give us a very clear recollection of the memories of those that were forgotten.


人之所以會有許多精神上的疾患, 往往是因為我們對於所發生的重大打擊以抑壓或遺忘的方式來逃避, 在心理學上被稱為心理防衛機制.  這是一種消極地對待這些心理創傷的方式, 雖然問題好像暫時得到解決, 但是這些心理創傷會以各種方式來困擾你的生活.  所以年齡回溯催眠可以幫助人回溯心理疾病的起源, 從而解開心結, 紓解壓力.

The reason why people have many mental illnesses is often that we evade the major blows that occur in a way that suppresses or forgets. It is called a psychological defense mechanism in psychology. This is a negative treatment of this psychology. The way of trauma, although the problem seems to be solved temporarily, these psychological trauma will plague your life in various ways. So Age Regression hypnosis can help people to trace the origin of mental illness, so as to resolve the knot and relieve stress.




Past life regression


在催眠治療中有一種前世回溯催眠,能喚起人前世甚至前幾世的記憶。前世回溯與其他催眠相比,用到的方法有些不同。一般都是自己提出要做,自己相信會比較好。有的人有機會看到幾世,也有只是一世,每個人不同。但是關注點不在看幾個past life(前世),而是使他們從一個更廣的角度來看問題.

In Hypnotherapy, there is a Past Life Regression that can evoke memories of people’s past or even several previous generations.  There are some differences in the methods used in the retrospective of the past compared to other hypnosis.  Generally speaking, those who are willing to see or want to see them.  Some people can see a few life and there is just a lifetime, everyone is different.  But the point is not to look at how many previous lives of past life, but to look at the problems from a broader perspective.




What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?


一, 治療情緒病 憂鬱症. 

尤其是因為心理失調所引起的生理症狀, 有非常好的效果, 只要運用催眠幫助病人從心理障礙釋放出來.

1. The treatment of emotional diseases, depression.

The treatment is especially good for the physiological symptoms caused by psychological disorders, the use of hypnosis can help people release from psychological barriers.


二, 幫助失眠的人容易入睡.

許多失眠的人, 越想睡著, 反而越睡不著. 催眠可以幫助我們很快達到身體與心理的放鬆, 自然而然地就睡著了. 有些人習慣吃安眠藥來幫助入睡, 但是, 大家都知道, 安眠藥雖然可以使人入睡, 可是並不能睡得很熟很沈, 往往睡了很久, 第二天醒來以後還是有睡不飽的感覺. 而使用催眠來幫助睡眠, 可以說是毫無副作用.

2. People who help insomnia fall asleep easily.

Many people who are insomnia, the more they want to fall asleep, the more they can't sleep. Hypnosis can help you quickly reach physical and psychological relaxation, and naturally, fall asleep. Some people are used to sleeping pills. However, everyone knows that sleeping pills can make people fall asleep, but they can't sleep very well. They often sleep for a long time. After waking up the next day, they still feel sleepy, while hypnosis to help you a good sleep, without any side effects.


三, 幫助戒煙, 戒酒, 戒賭, 減肥, 調整不良的飲食習慣.

3. Help to quit smoking, abstain from alcohol, quit gambling, weight loss, poor adjustment of eating habits.


四, 催眠可以幫助我們, 產生驚人的記憶能力與學習效果.

4. Hypnosis can help us improve our memory and learning ability.


五, 催眠可以幫助我們, 更有自信, 勇於面對考驗.

5. Hypnosis can help us, be more confident, and have the courage to face the challenges.


六, 催眠可以幫助我們放鬆, 不再被壓力, 焦慮, 悲傷, 挫折感等各種負面情緒所影響.

6. Hypnosis can help us relax and get rid of various negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, sadness, and frustration.





每次催眠療程大概兩個半小時至三小時 見催眠治療師之前 請寫下今世所面對又想解決的難題 又或是想從前世找到今世想知道事故的答案.

催眠治療會需要一個寧靜的環境 所以不鼓勵有其他人在場 會影響被催眠者的投入程度 整個過程中會有錄音 會轉發給客戶 所以請放心 一切內容是高度保密.

Each hypnosis session lasts about two and a half hours to three hours. Before you see a hypnotherapist, please write down the problems that you are facing. Or you want to find the answers to the incident from this past life.

Hypnotherapy has to be performed in a quiet environment. Therefore, it is discouraged that other people will influence the level of input of the hypnotized person. A recording for the whole process will be forwarded to the customer. Please rest assured that everything will be kept as strict privacy and confidentially.




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